1. Your own appengine, maybe not yet

    Well, I started looking at both Parallel Python and CouchDB.

    CouchDB still seems to be a viable replacement for the BigTable backend to datastore. A GQL parser will have to be written to interface with Couch's views, but that's probably easy enough.

    After looking at PP (Parallel Python ...

    Eric Moritz
    : appengine / couchdb / diy / parellel / python / tahoe
    1. Your own appengine

      My main gripe with appengine is that while you're sticking your app on a lot of iron, it's pretty much stuck there forever because of the infrastructure. Your app is not portable. You can't just take it off of Google's iron and host it yourself.

      So ...

      Eric Moritz
      : appengine / couchdb / django / parellel / python / tahoe
      1. My site is now on slicehost

        I just migrated my blog to slicehost because I finally got fed up with site5's janky django setup.

        I noticed that I broke my link to the django aggregrator when I moved my blog off wordpress and onto Django. I tried to log into site5 to fix it and ...

        Eric Moritz
        : slicehost
        1. Google Apps Engine without Django colored glasses

          So after a day of mulling over GAE, I've come up with one conclusion. For one-off apps, this is brilliant. What Ruby and Rails did in it's heyday, this is going to do. No need to figure out how to set up a web server or configure a ...

          Eric Moritz
          : appengine / django / gae / python
          1. Google Apps Engine, wait what?!?

            So I saw a post to this last night and I thought, "Oh it's like Amazon's EC2 I won't ever need that".

            Much to my surprise this morning, it's something I could really need. It's a sandboxed distributed web framework. No need for load balancing ...

            Eric Moritz
            : django / python
            1. python interface to the mozilla DOM

              Glenn Franxman and I were brain storming on how to do unittesting with a real browser DOM with working javascript. Basically everything accessible to the browser could be accessible to python

              I ran across this post: http://ejohn.org/blog/bringing-the-browser-to-the-server/ where he uses Rhino and a custom window library ...

              Eric Moritz
              : amazing / javascript / python
              1. Open Search

                With the invention of the opensearch specification, it has become super easy to create search plugins for Firefox 2.0+ and IE7. Here's an example:

                <?xml version="1.0"?>
                <OpenSearchDescription xmlns="http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/">
                <Image height="16" width="16" type="image ...
                Eric Moritz
                : code / firefox / opensearch
                1. PreResolution follow up

                  I've almost made it 4 days without a cigarette. I'm pretty much off the nicotine gum, though I'm still carrying around a few pieces of gum in case of emergency.

                  I am currently reading "Flatland" by E. A. Abbott, it's an interesting book.

                  I haven't ...

                  Eric Moritz
                  : news / personal
                  1. Donating Bandwidth to Neighbors

                    My neighbors across the street don't have Internet access so I volunteered my WPA password to them so that they can use my Internet. Today I decided to install a custom WRT54G firmware called CoovaAP to turn my router into an open hotspot like you would see in hotels ...

                    Eric Moritz
                    : hotspot / linux / networking / news
                    1. New Years preresolutions

                      Ok, I'm not going call these resolutions, they just happen to be commitments I'm making on the first of the year :)

                      There are three of them, each corresponding to mind, body, and soul.


                      Read one book from the Project Gutenberg a month.


                      This one is two ...

                      Eric Moritz
                      : news
                      1. Registration now open

                        I managed to get django-registration installed now. So you all can now create users.

                        I'll get comments installed as soon as I get a chance. I wanted to get the registration working first before allowing comment.

                        Eric Moritz
                        : django / news
                        1. eric.themoritzfamily.com is now more Djangolicious

                          Now Running on Django

                          Thanks to this post, I was able to get Django running on Site5

                          Just two days

                          Thanks to djangoprojects.com's blog application I was able to port my wordpress content to django and create some templates in just two days. How do you like the ...

                          Eric Moritz
                          : django / news / site5
                          1. 10+2*5 bash script

                            I've been meaning to post this script for a while. It's a little bash script that I wrote to switch xmms playlists using Merlin Mann's 10+2*5 procrastination hack. It's could well be the greatest bit of code I've ever written.

                            I've been ...

                            Eric Moritz
                            1. Xubuntu Day 3

                              So it's been three days since I started using XFCE flavored Ubuntu. It's been a pretty lovely existence, but I have a few tips that's I've come across

                              Notification Daemon

                              Stock Xubuntu doesn't come with a notification daemon that works with XFCE installed. So those ...

                              Eric Moritz
                              1. Watch out Eric's gone Xubuntu

                                So I was installing Ubuntu onto my wife's puny laptop (400 mhz, 512 ram) and I thought I'd try something different and install Kubuntu because she complained that she didn't like Linux because it doesn't look like XP. I forgot how under powered her laptop was ...

                                Eric Moritz
                                1. The KISS approch to GTD project planning

                                  I've never really got how projects work in GTD. I understand how "Next Actions Lists" worked, but never understood how multi-action projects worked in with that. This is what I came up with it. I'm not sure if this is how it's done in GTD or not ...

                                  Eric Moritz
                                  1. Satechi's Bluetooth A2DP/Handsfree FM Carkit

                                    I recently acquired a Satechi's A2DP/Handsfree FM Carkit. What it does is provide both a A2DP Bluetooth profile and a Handsfree profile and transmits the bluetooth audio to your radio via FM. This was the holy grail I've been looking for, streaming shoutcast to my car stereo ...

                                    Eric Moritz
                                    1. How Beryl/XGL and Deskbar simplified my life

                                      |Screenshot of my simple gnome| Screenshot of my current desktop

                                      Yesterday I was playing with Gnome's basic layout and I decided because Deskbar was so good at locating what I wanted that it was quicker to use Deskbar than the standard Gnome application list. I decided to take things ...

                                      Eric Moritz
                                      1. Open Source Dental Software!

                                        I went to the dentist the other day and I noticed the app running on their computer had the title, "Open Dental". I thought, as I sat in the dental chair. Is he using an open source dental app? Sure enough, he was. read more | digg story

                                        Eric Moritz
                                        1. coastalbeat.com woot woot!

                                          So the past three days have been a blur. I got into work on Wednesday with forty-eight hours of work and twenty-four hours to do it. I was not letting the new site launch without the social app I've been writting for the past week or two. After staying ...

                                          Eric Moritz

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