Satechi's Bluetooth A2DP/Handsfree FM Carkit

I recently acquired a Satechi's A2DP/Handsfree FM Carkit. What it does is provide both a A2DP Bluetooth profile and a Handsfree profile and transmits the bluetooth audio to your radio via FM. This was the holy grail I've been looking for, streaming shoutcast to my car stereo.

I don't have 3G in Ft Myers, but in Miami this weekend I had all that 3G goodness to my disposal. I installed TCPMP on my Samsung Blackjack and fired up some EBM shoutcast streams like Bioindustral or Rant Radio and was cruising down`Biscayne Blvd`_ listening to some crazy EBM/Sythpop, all streaming through the Internet on my phone!

I personally love that kind of music but I'm not going to devote a library of MP3s to it. The music is so different from my normal listening habits that putting my PMP on shuffle with EBM mixed in with "The Agency" or "Hot Water Music", just wouldn't go. So I usually get my EBM fix via shoutcast streams (It's great coding music).

So the A2DP functionality is absolutely great. No wires, nice crisp stereo sound. It's just great. The hands free... It works but, not great. I have to turn down my radio to avoid echoing, but it works well enough to: pause my music, take a call and tell them "I'm driving, I'll call back" and start my music up again (that process is automatic on my Blackjack by the way, just press the answer button). Frankly I don't want to talk when I'm listening to some good music, but that's just me.

The overall experience with this product is that it makes a great A2DP to FM transmitter but a lousy hands free device. Fortunately I wanted it for the A2DP and it works great, so I'm not that bummed about it. If you want to send music from your phone to your stereo wirelessly, then this is the one and only device for you.

Eric Moritz

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