woot woot!

So the past three days have been a blur. I got into work on Wednesday with forty-eight hours of work and twenty-four hours to do it. I was not letting the new site launch without the social app I've been writting for the past week or two. After staying up twenty four hours I finally finished the app and the site went live to the public. Check it out:

I am very proud of this site. Finally something to work on that I can really feel good about being involved with. Todd's design is awesome, Ira and Tovin really busted their asses to get on the stands and get content online. Levi put in some ungodly hours (I think he has 300 skill points in endurance) to get it up. Props go out to all those the helped out that I don't know about.  I'm really proud of the work we all did! Check out my profile, I'm costalbeat's Tom! I think there's talks of "Eric is NOT my friend" and "Eric is my only friend" t-shirts.

Eric Moritz

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