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  1. PreResolution follow up

    I've almost made it 4 days without a cigarette. I'm pretty much off the nicotine gum, though I'm still carrying around a few pieces of gum in case of emergency.

    I am currently reading "Flatland" by E. A. Abbott, it's an interesting book.

    I haven't ...

    Eric Moritz
    : news / personal
    1. Donating Bandwidth to Neighbors

      My neighbors across the street don't have Internet access so I volunteered my WPA password to them so that they can use my Internet. Today I decided to install a custom WRT54G firmware called CoovaAP to turn my router into an open hotspot like you would see in hotels ...

      Eric Moritz
      : hotspot / linux / networking / news
      1. New Years preresolutions

        Ok, I'm not going call these resolutions, they just happen to be commitments I'm making on the first of the year :)

        There are three of them, each corresponding to mind, body, and soul.


        Read one book from the Project Gutenberg a month.


        This one is two ...

        Eric Moritz
        : news
        1. Registration now open

          I managed to get django-registration installed now. So you all can now create users.

          I'll get comments installed as soon as I get a chance. I wanted to get the registration working first before allowing comment.

          Eric Moritz
          : django / news
          1. is now more Djangolicious

            Now Running on Django

            Thanks to this post, I was able to get Django running on Site5

            Just two days

            Thanks to's blog application I was able to port my wordpress content to django and create some templates in just two days. How do you like the ...

            Eric Moritz
            : django / news / site5

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