Watch out Eric's gone Xubuntu

So I was installing Ubuntu onto my wife's puny laptop (400 mhz, 512 ram) and I thought I'd try something different and install Kubuntu because she complained that she didn't like Linux because it doesn't look like XP. I forgot how under powered her laptop was, Ubuntu ran fine on it before she accidentally reformatted the drive by putting some forgotten Fedora Core CD in it and kept clicking "OK", trying to make it go away, but Kubuntu ran dog slow. It was bad, windows were tearing, drives were swapping, it was a computing nightmare. I started googling, "How to Replace Kubuntu with Ubuntu", and somehow I came across Xubuntu, which I never gave the light of day because regular Ubuntu ran fine, and I was unimpressed whenever I used XFCE. On, this puny 400 mhz laptop, it runs pretty good, much better than Gnome ran. So, when I got in to work today I decided to make the switch to Xubuntu on my PC. So I fired up VMWare (I run my linux install in VMWare because I can't touch the internals of this PC) Ran, "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop", reboot and wala, XFCE in all it's glory! In VMWare, Ubuntu(Gnome) didn't run super fast. It was useable, but switching windows was a little laggy. XFCE, works beautifully (not perfect, but a lot better). I didn't really lose functionality, because a desktop environment is a desktop environment, they all do pretty much the same thing. I'm not sure I'm all that crazy with Thunar and the loss of gnome-vfs, but I can make due. So all and all I think switching to Xubuntu (Zoo-bun-tu?) is a great Idea. Why would I not want run a resource intensive desktop environment when I can have the same experience with a lighter desktop. Duh. Seems like a no brainer... Eric.

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Eric Moritz

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