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  1. appengine vs twitter part 2

    I've created a project in launchpad for Meow. You can now submit bug reports and feature requests into launchpad.

    If your a Django or Appengine hacker and want to help me out, simply branch the Meow code with bazaar and you can "bzr send" me patches. I'll be ...

    Eric Moritz
    : appengine / django
    1. Your own appengine, maybe not yet

      Well, I started looking at both Parallel Python and CouchDB.

      CouchDB still seems to be a viable replacement for the BigTable backend to datastore. A GQL parser will have to be written to interface with Couch's views, but that's probably easy enough.

      After looking at PP (Parallel Python ...

      Eric Moritz
      : appengine / couchdb / diy / parellel / python / tahoe
      1. Your own appengine

        My main gripe with appengine is that while you're sticking your app on a lot of iron, it's pretty much stuck there forever because of the infrastructure. Your app is not portable. You can't just take it off of Google's iron and host it yourself.

        So ...

        Eric Moritz
        : appengine / couchdb / django / parellel / python / tahoe
        1. Google Apps Engine without Django colored glasses

          So after a day of mulling over GAE, I've come up with one conclusion. For one-off apps, this is brilliant. What Ruby and Rails did in it's heyday, this is going to do. No need to figure out how to set up a web server or configure a ...

          Eric Moritz
          : appengine / django / gae / python

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