Xubuntu Day 3

So it's been three days since I started using XFCE flavored Ubuntu. It's been a pretty lovely existence, but I have a few tips that's I've come across

Notification Daemon

Stock Xubuntu doesn't come with a notification daemon that works with XFCE installed. So those little popups that rise out of the task bar in Gnome don't rise anymore and I end up missing things like new IMs, new mail notifications, etc. Unfortunately, there is not a package in the repositories for the xfce friendly notification daemon so you'll have to compile it yourself. Follow these instructions.

Mail Notifications

Since I'm running Xubuntu in VMWare and I need Outlook running so that Activesync will sync appointments to my Blackjack, It's hard to know when new emails come in. Luckly, our Exchange server here provides IMAP. I could run Evolution and get my mail in XFCE, but why should I have two mail clients running. So what I did was set up two Mail Watcher panel Applets, one for my corporate email and one for my personal Google Apps for Domains account. Unfortunately I was missing emails yesterday because by default, all the Mail Watcher applet does when new mail comes in is change the icon. This is what prompted me to get the notification daemon working. Details on how to tie Mail Watcher and Notifications together are here By the way, I absolutely love Google Apps for Domains, it's brilliant. I wrote a little mailto: handler script for my wife's laptop so that when she clicks on mailto: links anywhere, it opens gmail. I'll provide that script sometime, it's a little 10 line beauty.

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Eric Moritz

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