10+2*5 bash script

I've been meaning to post this script for a while. It's a little bash script that I wrote to switch xmms playlists using Merlin Mann's 10+2*5 procrastination hack. It's could well be the greatest bit of code I've ever written.

I've been using it for weeks now, it works for me. It may work for you or it may not. It's real simple, you can probably figure out how to fix it if it doesn't work for you. Post a comment if it's broken on your system.

The script itself: tenplustwotimer.sh

A scripts that runs it in small xterm window: tenplustwowin.sh

My two playlists, one EBM stream (for work), one Jazz stream (for break): tenplustwo_pls.tar.gz

A quick tip, to change the playlist I usually just save over the ten.pls or the two.pls and when the phase changes it'll load the new playlist.

What's great about using playlists instead of urls directly to the stream is I can plug in my GMINI 402 and make two playlists from the mp3s and listen to my own stuff.

Eric Moritz

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