1. RSS increases boredom.

    Remember back in the day when you could waste hours clicking on the net finding information. It was fun, you felt like you were "surfing" the net.  I just finished reading my feeds on bloglines, going through the links on digg.com, I even checked out slashdot ...

    Eric Moritz
    1. Test Tube Meat Nears Dinner Table

      If they can produce meat in vitro? For vegitarians like myself that don't eat meat because animals have to die, would I eat it? I don't know.

      It's an interesting quandery. I don't eat meat because mainly because of the Buddhist belief that if we have ...

      Eric Moritz
      1. URGE and iTunes

        I got a chance to take a look at Vista Beta 2. While I'm not normally a guy that likes MS products. At first glance, Vista looks good. I could never forget what my wife said when I showed it to here, "That looks like Linux". What?

        Anyhow, this ...

        Eric Moritz
        1. A cool google map/wiki mash up

          I found this the other day, it's pretty cool. You can create a personal map by clicking on the map and type in a description. read more | digg story

          Eric Moritz
          1. Say F.U. to linux passwords

            I bought a 128 meg usb drive from radio shack because it was on clearance and fit on my keychain. I was trying to find reasons to use it and I found, pam_usb. PAM_USB allows you to store a dsa key on your usb drive that, when plugged in (it ...

            Eric Moritz
            1. Hong Kong's Symphony of Light (with video)

              Honk Kong lights up the skyline every night with this spectacular show of syncronized lasers, leds and fireworks. Makes Epcot look lame. read more | digg story

              Eric Moritz
              1. Budgeting

                When I was younger budgeting was easier. The reason it was easier because I didn't use a bank account and I would simply put money in designated envelopes. Life was simple.

                Now that I'm a responsible adult, I have a bank account and I rarely have cash in ...

                Eric Moritz
                1. Oh yeah. GMINI 402 baby.

                  My wife got me a GMINI 402 for Christmas. I wanted to wait a few weeks before actually writing about my experience with it. My first expression when I opened the box was that it was smaller than I thought it would be. It is a very nice size. The ...

                  Eric Moritz
                  1. New Position at Naples Daily News

                    One of the most respected and award-winning newspaper Web teams in the world has moved to Florida and is looking for an experienced server-side Web developer.

                    NDN Productions -- the online and new media publishing division of the Naples Daily News -- is looking for a full-time Python programmer to develop Internet-based ...

                    Eric Moritz
                    1. Hey! You got some emo in my hair-band.

                      I saw this band on MTV the other day, Coheed and Cambria. I'm really digging their sound. It's like Rush if they decided to dive into 80's hair metal. Many describe them as Emo Progressive rock. The lead singer looks/sounds like the illegitimate son of the ...

                      Eric Moritz
                      1. We need a Django Developer

                        There is now an opening at Naples Daily News for a new developer. If anyone doesn't know what we're doing, let me fill you in.

                        If you do a search for "Rob Curley" in Google you will notice that it'll take 38 pages of Google before people ...

                        Eric Moritz
                        1. We survived.

                          We finally got the our electric back since Hurricane Wilma. I just wanted to let everyone know that we survived and we are safe. We evaculated to Fort Lauderdale thinking that we'd be safer by putting 100 miles of land between us and were the hurricane makes landfall. If ...

                          Eric Moritz
                          1. Overwelmed by Web 2.0

                            Prior to moving to Naples and taking the job at Naples Daily News, I was kinda resisting the suite of "Web 2.0" technologies, Ajax, RSS, Podcasting, etc.

                            Sure I tried RSS, and I thought it was cool but I guess I never had a decent client to collect the ...

                            Eric Moritz
                            1. Old and Busted: Bloglines, New Hotness: litefeeds

                              Ever since I signed up for bloglines I kept thinking, "Man, RSS feeds are perfect for cell-phones". I flirted with the idea of creating a RSS aggregator that outputted the content in xhtml-mp for my mobile browser. Then I found litefeeds and life is good.

                              Litefeeds just like bloglines it ...

                              Eric Moritz
                              1. OK/Cancel

                                I came across this really awesome comic strip for anyone who's in the website making business. Ok/Cancel It's funny because it's true.

                                Eric Moritz
                                1. Social Bookmarking

                                  So, I finally joined the social bookmarking craze. I've used Simpy before but I had some trouble with it. I finally got around to using del.icio.us and so far I like it. I even added a Word Press plugin to list my 10 most recent links. Enjoy.

                                  Eric Moritz
                                  1. Been busy

                                    Phew,... I've been busy, I've finally gotten a breather to update my blog. Two weeks ago we launched`http://www.bonitanews.com`_. It is the first Ellington/Django site launched outside of World Online. We're very proud of it.

                                    Something else to be proud of, my ...

                                    Eric Moritz
                                      1. Naples Mindfulness Center

                                        Last night I went to my first Buddhist meditation class in Naples. Anyone who has known me for an extended period of time or has browsed my bookself knows that I am a practicing Buddhist. I've been studying Buddhism for almost four years now. When I decided to take ...

                                        Eric Moritz

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