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  1. Books every self-taught computer scientist should read

    There are three books that I believe that every self-taught computer scientist should read. These are books that I often recommend to smart junior developers that learned their knowledge by doing instead of schooling. These are books that will close the gap for people that fall into the category of ...

    Eric Moritz
    : programming / computer science / self-taught / learning / books
    1. Why REST?


      I have to say before you read this that I only have a theoritical understanding of how a web service benefits for being RESTful. Most of the topics I have explored are actually explained in Roy Fieldings section on REST

      In the future, I would like to explore and ...

      Eric Moritz
      : REST / programming
      1. Experimenting

        I ran across Smisk two days ago and though. "Hmm, someone should write a wsgi adaptor for that".

        Maybe an hour after I had that thought, I started working on one. It was pretty easy. Smisk's classes seem to be inspired by WSGI, all the wsgi environment variables had ...

        Eric Moritz
        : django / programming / python / smisk

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