1. Easy ETL with RDF and Python

    So I have been tasked with optimizing our deployment pipeline. It is pretty obvious to us where the bottlenecks are but trying to be a data driven developer I needed to collect stats on the current system to know for certain where the bottlenecks are in feature deployment.

    The only ...

    Eric Moritz
    : RDF / ETL / pragmatic-rdf
    1. Websocket Demo Results V2


      Roughly about a month ago I wondered if Erlang's promise of massive concurrency was actually true.

      Rather than take everyone's word for it, inspired by Richard Jones' C1M experiment I decided to whip together a benchmark of my own.

      This benchmark pit a Cowboy ...

      Eric Moritz
      : erlang / websockets / c10k / node / nodejs
      1. Learning Python Logging

        The Python logging module is often a source of confusion with developers. Often logging is the final thought in a project. When we are finishing up a project, the last thing we want to do is sift through the logging documentation to figure logging out. It is a perpetual cycle ...

        Eric Moritz
        : python / logging
        1. Books every self-taught computer scientist should read

          There are three books that I believe that every self-taught computer scientist should read. These are books that I often recommend to smart junior developers that learned their knowledge by doing instead of schooling. These are books that will close the gap for people that fall into the category of ...

          Eric Moritz
          : programming / computer science / self-taught / learning / books
          1. Why REST?


            I have to say before you read this that I only have a theoritical understanding of how a web service benefits for being RESTful. Most of the topics I have explored are actually explained in Roy Fieldings section on REST

            In the future, I would like to explore and ...

            Eric Moritz
            : REST / programming
            1. Announcing django-viewtools

              Hi, I'm announcing a project I have called django-viewtools

              django-viewtools provides a management command to help in debugging and profiling views


              django-viewtools provides a number of management commands for debugging views.

              There are a number of flags that can be used when calling the view

              -d, --debug: This ...
              Eric Moritz
              : debugging / django / python
              1. Python Encodings and Unicode

                I am sure there has been a number of explanations on Unicode and Python but I'm going to do a little write up for my own sake.

                Byte Streams VS Unicode Objects

                Let's start by defining what a string in Python is. When you use the string type ...

                Eric Moritz
                : python
                1. PDB and django.test.client

                  So you have a site in production and someone called you up that there is a bug on the site. Your template designer is trying to make a change to a template and the change is isn't showing up on the site. You make the change on you development ...

                  Eric Moritz
                  : debugging / django / pdb / python
                  1. Find the number of days until next day of week

                    I've had to figure this out before and I forgot it. Here it is preserved

                     def daysuntilnextdow(start, next):
                         """Determine how many days until the next Day of week
                         start: The day of the week to start from
                         next: The day of the week to go to
                         returns a ...
                    Eric Moritz
                    : date / python
                    1. Understanding PSQL's MVCC

                      Understanding PSQL's MVCC

                      PostgresSQL implements something called MVCC. Which alleviates the need for a Read-Lock in many cases. However when Glenn Franxman and I were trying to figure out how this works we were having trouble understanding it completely.

                      If you ask about MVCC in the #postgres irc channel ...

                      Eric Moritz
                      : django / postgresql
                      1. Fun with APIs

                        So, you're looking for a job you say... Need to brush up on your knowledge set... I've got the tool for you!


                        import urllib
                        import re
                        import sys
                        import cgi
                        API_KEY="USE YOUR OWN"
                        def get_result(query):
                            url = "http://api.indeed.com/apisearch?q=\"%s\"&l ...
                        Eric Moritz
                        : fun / python
                        1. Template Tag Caveat

                          In the Django template system. There is a small caveat that you need to recognize when developing your own template tags.

                          When Django parses the Node tree it creates a template.Node instance for each template tag in the template. The node tree is just like our beloved HTML DOM ...

                          Eric Moritz
                          : django
                          1. iphone-3g

                            What can I say about the iphone 3g that hasn't been said. All I can say is I want one and I want to develop on it.

                            The one thing that sold me was the true GPS support. This thing is going to herald in the geotagging revolution that ...

                            Eric Moritz
                            : gps / iphone
                            1. appengine vs twitter part 2

                              I've created a project in launchpad for Meow. You can now submit bug reports and feature requests into launchpad.

                              If your a Django or Appengine hacker and want to help me out, simply branch the Meow code with bazaar and you can "bzr send" me patches. I'll be ...

                              Eric Moritz
                              : appengine / django
                              1. appengine vs twitter

                                So Glenn Franxman was opining this afternoon about how twitter is going to reach a point where they're going to grow to big and need to make money somehow. He said that they're either going to have to throw ads everywhere or hope to be aquired.

                                He thinks ...

                                Eric Moritz
                                : django / gae / google / twitter
                                1. Experimenting

                                  I ran across Smisk two days ago and though. "Hmm, someone should write a wsgi adaptor for that".

                                  Maybe an hour after I had that thought, I started working on one. It was pretty easy. Smisk's classes seem to be inspired by WSGI, all the wsgi environment variables had ...

                                  Eric Moritz
                                  : django / programming / python / smisk
                                  1. is opensource really all that great for companies

                                    So I released my feedclowd code as open source and I needed to pick license. The requirements I wanted in a license were this, you may use the source code but if you modify that source code you must make your source code available. In my ignorance, that's what ...

                                    Eric Moritz
                                    : django / gpl / opensource
                                      1. feedclowd now in beta

                                        I just released my project as a public beta, feedclowd It's a life aggregator were you can take all your feeds from all your social sites and combine them into one simple feed.

                                        Eric Moritz
                                        : django
                                        1. Your own appengine, maybe not yet

                                          Well, I started looking at both Parallel Python and CouchDB.

                                          CouchDB still seems to be a viable replacement for the BigTable backend to datastore. A GQL parser will have to be written to interface with Couch's views, but that's probably easy enough.

                                          After looking at PP (Parallel Python ...

                                          Eric Moritz
                                          : appengine / couchdb / diy / parellel / python / tahoe

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