is opensource really all that great for companies

So I released my feedclowd code as open source and I needed to pick license. The requirements I wanted in a license were this, you may use the source code but if you modify that source code you must make your source code available. In my ignorance, that's what I thought the GPL provided.

Well after some discussion with numerous people, that's not the case. What the GPL provides is that if someone takes your code and modifies it they only have to make that code available if they distribute the new code.

This is a one way relationship. The main benefit that a company could reap if their code is open sourced would be the fixes and enhancements that other programmers would make to the company's product. If those modifications and enhancements are never distributed, the original creator of the source code may never have the opportunity of seeing those changes.

This is a huge flaw with creating web systems that are rarely redistibuted. If my company builds a CMS and makes it open source, everyone can use the product but they are not required to benefit my company in anyway. Any benefit my company would reap would be soley in the kindness of others...

Eric Moritz
: django / gpl / opensource

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