We survived.

We finally got the our electric back since Hurricane Wilma. I just wanted to let everyone know that we survived and we are safe. We evaculated to Fort Lauderdale thinking that we'd be safer by putting 100 miles of land between us and were the hurricane makes landfall. If anyone was watching this monster of a hurricane, Wilma was perdicted to pass her eye directly over Naples, Fl. So prior to the Wilma's attack on Florida, we thought that getting the hell out of dodge would be wise.

Unfortunately, Fort Lauderdale was not ready for being raped by the hurricane. We ended up getting stranded in Fort Lauderdale because no gas stations were opened after the storm. Slowly stations opened but with millions without power and millions using generators to watch tv and have lights, chaos insued. There were/are miles of lines up to the few stations opened. People waited in lines for hours. Some people were unfortunate enough to wait in a line at a gas station that was never going to open and they waited all day for gas and never got it. It was insane. As far as I know, this is still happening.

Because of the gas shortage, we were stranded in Fort Lauderdale. Our friend owns a pizzaria and because they have a gas pizza oven they were still being able to make pizza. So being stranded in Fort Lauderdale wasn't all bad, we were getting hot meals, can't complain there. Someone who came in for a hot pizza told he about how he drove to Fort Myers (a little north of Naples) and filled up his truck and all his gas cans and drove back.

So, our friend came back from the restuarant and told us his master plan of driving to Naples and grabbing as much gas as we could. By this time, Naples was basically up and running aside from some residencial power outages. Our car was on E so without gas, we were stranded in Fort Lauderdale.

Driving an hour and a half to Naples was much better than waiting in line four hours for a chance to get gas, no guarntee at getting gas, just for the chance the get gas. So my wife, our friend and I packed up the baby, hopped in her car and drove to Naples.

When we arrived in Naples, we gased up the car and searched for gas cans. We had one flaw in our plan. We expected Naples to have gas cans available to bring back to Fort Lauderdale to fill up our dry car. With tens of thousands of residents without power, people needed gas cans to keep their generators running. We drove to Super Walmart... No cans.. We drove to Home Depot... No cans... We drove to Target... No cans...

We drove to Lowes and finally we found six gas cans. We filled up the cans and drove back to Fort Lauderdale. That night, we filled up our car and drove home. It was quite an adventure.

Eric Moritz

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