Stupid Windows Keymap

I've been using the standard windows keyboard layout switcher to remap my keyboard to dvorak. Unfortunately when I log into a machine through remote desktop, the keymap of the machine is used and not my local keymap settings. This is really dumb because I annoy all my non-djorak coworkers because when they log into the same machine, I usually forget to switch the mapping back to qwerty and they get aoeu instead of asdf...

I used a program called keytweak to remap my caplocks key to control, which is very helpful because I use control much more than I use capslock. I thought, "Hey, I can use keytweak to avoid annoying my coworkers" it took some doing but I managed to remap all the keys. I just feel sorry for the poor fellow that uses this computer if I ever leave :)

Another cool utility for emacs users is the XKeymacs program that sets emacs keybindings for stuff like moving the cursor and copy and paste (kill and yank).

Eric Moritz

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