Overwelmed by Web 2.0

Prior to moving to Naples and taking the job at Naples Daily News, I was kinda resisting the suite of "Web 2.0" technologies, Ajax, RSS, Podcasting, etc.

Sure I tried RSS, and I thought it was cool but I guess I never had a decent client to collect the feeds. I thought it was a little involved to collect the RSS sources. Firefox made it easy with their fandangled little rss icon but Live bookmarks never seemed like the right interface for RSS. I tried out Thunderbird's RSS feature. Again, a little involved to find the feeds. I noticed that a coworker, Levi, used Bloglines, and that was nice. Then I found litefeeds which I really like primarily for their cell phone interface. I'm starting to get a little overwelmed by the shear volume of available RSS feeds. Which is good? So many, I hardly have the time to find those I like...

On Friday I upgraded Ubuntu from Hoary Hedgehog to Breezy Badger... Ok, oh my god, the best Linux distro eva'. Try it out, there's LiveCD's, no commitment needed.This isn't a post about Ubuntu, so let me get back te the current topic. With the upgrade came the latest version of Amarok. No, this isn't that annoying reality tv diva from The Apprentise. This has to be the best audio player for Linux. If you're using Linux, install this app. Even is you love Gnome and hate KDE, install this app.

So, anyhow, with the newest version of Amarok, you get podcast support. Another one of those "Web 2.0" technologies I never got into. So today I got my first taste of podcasts. It was fun, it tasted good. I downloaded our new Bonita News.com podcast and got to listen to Crunk Master Tim sound all professional. I signed up to a few Buddhist themed podcasts, the "Rock and Roll Geek" show, the "Keith and the Girl" podcast, so many podcasts... Seems like anyone with a microphone has a podcast show. Who has the time to listen to all those podcasts to become a fan of a few.

If anyone is actually reading this thing, please post a few comments about your favorite podcasts, blogs, rss feeds, etc. You'd make my "Web 2.0 life" easier.

Eric Moritz

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