Old and Busted: Bloglines, New Hotness: litefeeds

Ever since I signed up for bloglines I kept thinking, "Man, RSS feeds are perfect for cell-phones". I flirted with the idea of creating a RSS aggregator that outputted the content in xhtml-mp for my mobile browser. Then I found litefeeds and life is good.

Litefeeds just like bloglines it's a web based RSS reader, but it has one feature that Bloglines doesn't have, a j2me app for your cellphone. What does that me to you? It means that you can get your feeds on your java enabled phone. That's awesome.

Other features: The ability to view images from users of flikr on your phone, import from opml and therefore import from bloglines.

Another cool feature, bloglines has this but it's infinately better on your phone, it's the "clip it" function. What it does is save the article into an online clipboard so that you can read it later. You can do this on your phone, it's a minute detail that I'm very glad they included it.

Check it, let's say Life Hacker, which showcases useful apps and sites, has an article reviewing an awesome application. I'm standing in line at the DMV, I can't check out the application right at that moment, but the article convinced me that this is the killer app and I need to check it out. So, I clip it. When I get back home from DMV hell, I can open up my laptop, bring up the site and get hip to that new app. Awesome or what?

There are a few features that I would add if I was in charge. One would be displaying of images via an RSS' encloser tag so that I can get Dilbert's feeds on my phone. If they can display flikr images on the phone, there's no reason why we couldn't get that to work. Another feature would be a "Add to litefeeds" type button for our blogs, MyYahoo has it, Bloglines has it, no reason litefeeds shouldn't. A bookmarklet would be nice too.


Eric Moritz

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