"Oh Crap, my steering wheel fell off"

Chris. Chris

While I was in the middle of typing my previous post I heard a knock on my door. When I answered the door, my friend Chris who lives across the street from me asked, "Do you have a tap and die set?" For those that don't know, A tap and die set is for making new threads on bolts and nuts when they are stripped. Of course I didn't have one so I told him, "No, I don't have one. Why what is stripped?". He told me that his steering wheel had fallen off his car and the stud that holds the wheel on is completely stripped off. I went over to look at the stud and it was completely stripped, there were no threads on it at all. I told him, sure lets go to the store.

When I was getting ready, I remembered that my dad had a tap and die set in his garage. I called my dad an asked if I could borrow the set. He was reluctant and suggested what we could do. Most of his suggestion required getting the car to my dad's house to work on the car. We had no idea how to get it over there aside from towing it.

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I had to go to the bank first so we went there first. On the way to the bank we were joking around trying to think of ways to hold the wheel on the stud to get it to my dads. I suggested duct tape. He suggested welding. I told him, you know you could most likely hold the wheel on the stud to get it there. The crazy bastard thought that was a great idea.

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The problem is that my parents live on the other side of town about 9 miles from where we live. 9 miles isn't far when you have a working steering wheel but it's very long without one. So, we had to break the news to his girlfriend that this might be the last day she will every see him. She started freaking out, "You're going to die", "You're crazy", "You better use your seat belt!". Then we were off.

I told him that we need to drive around the block to make sure he can drive it. He takes off and I fallow behind him. We go around the corner and he starts to swerve. He lost his steering wheel! He recovers and continues around the block. I pull up beside him and he says, "Yeah, I'm comfortable driving it.", crazy bastard...

We goes off, I drive infront of him and he's behind me. We drive down our main street and he's ok. That's good, but we are not on I95 yet. We get on I95. I'm constantly looking in my rear view every two minutes to make sure he didn't lose it and drive off the road. A few times he swerves a little and I think he's a gonner but he recovers and we make it to my parents.

He gets the car into my parents garage and about twenty minutes later, he's done.

Eric Moritz

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