New Position at Naples Daily News

One of the most respected and award-winning newspaper Web teams in the world has moved to Florida and is looking for an experienced server-side Web developer.

NDN Productions -- the online and new media publishing division of the Naples Daily News -- is looking for a full-time Python programmer to develop Internet-based applications that cross from computers to mobile phones to iPods to Sony PSPs.

We strive for innovation and nimble development for sites that embrace relational databases in ways they've rarely been used on the local level coupled with broadband-centric multimedia content that all works together in a platform-independent manner.

In other words, we strive to build the kinds of Web sites and related offshoots that you wish were in your hometown.

We're big believers and contributors to the open-source community. Our primary development platform is Python (mod_python) and PostgreSQL, with a particular emphasis on using the Django infrastructure.

That being said, we believe a solid background in Web application design is more important than knowledge of a particular language or platform. If you're a smart cookie and it shows, we know that you'll have no problems picking up the tools we use.

We embrace a highly creative, non-traditional work environment. We love to work fast and have fun, with the time between having a great idea and that idea being added to one of our sites being measured in days, if not hours.

Our salary is competitive, though not crazy huge, and our benefits package is sweet.

And because our agile and autonomous online team works under the umbrella of one of the largest and most stabile diversified media companies in the nation, you don't have to worry about your checks ever bouncing. If you work with us, your mom and dad will be proud, and your friends will be envious.

So, if you learn things quickly, want to hang out with cool people and build amazing Web content, than this is the place for you.

We're an equal-opportunity employer. In fact, we even hire folks from Missouri.

So, contact Rob Curley at NDN Productions right now before one of your buddies beats you to this great gig.

Rob Curley Director of New Media NDN Productions/The Naples Daily News E >> P >> 239.435.347

Eric Moritz

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