Kids... Don't try this at home...

Well, the 4th of July for us was eventful. We went to a bbq at a friends house in the afternoon. We swam, got crispy in the sun. It was fun.

image0 Our Arsenal

After the bbq, we went to my wife's parents house to light off fireworks. We had the regular arsenal of fireworks. Roman Candles, Bottle Rockets, Blackcats(firecrackers). We were in for a good time.

We started off tame lighting bottle rockets from the bottle. When we got bored of that we lit them while holding the bottle. When we got bored of that we get a pipe and aimed them at trees.

When we got bored of that we brought out the roman candles. First we shot them up in the air. Then we shot them at a soda can. Next about 10 packs of firecrackers. Then we played Roman Candle Harry Potter....

The point of Roman Candle Harry Potter is to act like wizards and shoot 2d8 fireballs at each other.

Tell me, would you let this man shoot fireballs at you:

image1 Cardinal Sin.

At first it was fun. I shot one over his head. He shot one over mine. He shot one to the left of me. I shot one to the left of him... Just not that far left of him. Then he shot one very close to me. I dodged. Then another, and another, oh the horror.... Then one hit my stomach.

This is wait happens when you play Roman Candle Harry Potter:

image2 Burn in my shirt, about the size of a quater.

Kids-- Don't play Roman Candle Harry Potter.

Eric Moritz

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