Just another blog

Just another blog, nothing to see here...

Ok, well this is my adventure into the blogosphere. I'm not sure where I'm going with this blog, but after creating my new family's website I was given unlimited subdomains and the ability to use Fantastico so I had just had to create a personal blog.

My friend Jordon at The World of Stuff, a fellow Esperantist (Saluton Gxordono!) and Dvorak keyboad user, uses the blog software Word Press. I clicked a button in Fantasico and a moment later, I had a blog!

Generally the blog will be my forum for showcasing stuff that I find interesting. Stuff about My wife, Computers, Linux, Programming, Buddhism, Jazz, Chess, Punk/Ska (alright, I thinks that's enough keywords to make the search engine robots happy :) )

Well I hope you will enjoy my blog. I hope I enjoy it too :)

Eric Moritz

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