I'm moving to Naples, Fl...

I am sooo moving to Naples, it's so beautiful there. No really, I'm moving to Naples August 13th.

I was in Naples this weekend interviewing for Naples Daily News. For anyone that knows the history of Django, the code was developed at World Online. The man that was in charge at World Online was a fellow named, Rob Curley. Rob then came down to Naples with the intent to kick ass, and that we will.

I'm the newest member of the Naple Daily News. My wife and I are moving to a beautiful apartment. The apartment complex' grounds looks like a park. There is a huge lake, tons of trees, two tennis courts, two pools, a fitness center and this is the best, access by water to the bay. I'm thinking about getting a couple kayaks so that I can drop then in the river from my apartment. That sounds like lots of fun.

Ok, so I have a new job working with Django, the greatest thing for web development since slice bread. Django is written in Python, which is the greatest thing for programming since slice bread. I'm working for a New Media celebrity. I'm working with some of the best in the field. I'm going to be living in a city were the local section of the newspaper has to outsource to report about crime. I'm going to be living in an apartment complex that is like looks like a park.

Someone, please do not pinch me.

Eric Moritz

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