Finally a decent Nintendo DS game

Well I traded in Batman Begins because I beat it and there wasn't much more to do with it. I looked around the Gamestop and I didn't really see any XBox games that really interested me. I want to tryout Paper Mario for the Gamecube but it was $10 more than the store credit I had for Batman.

While I was looking for a game, Gina was playing a game on the Nintendo DS demos. I couldn't really find anything. I went over to see what Gina was playing and it was "Kirby Canvas Curse". I thought, "Oh great, another 'Yoshi's Touch and Go' (A really bad game)". After that we got the clerk to help us find something.

The clerk was helpful in helping me find some XBox games. He recomended some first person shooters but frankly I've been playing FPSes since the first Wolfenstein and I'm a little bored with that genre. Although XIII was an awesome FPS. I recomend grabbing that if you haven't played it yet. He then recommended one of the Mech series games and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was willing to finally give a Mech game a try since they have some hardcore fans and must be a something to that. The clerk recommended Buffy, which is a third person action game, he said that it was surpisingly a good game and he doesn't care for Buffy. So I said what the hell (Maybe there is a Willow naked cheat j/k).

While we were waiting in line, I thought I'd try out Kirby's Canvas Curse to see if it was anything good. I played it for about two minutes and then I put the other games back and grabbed a copy of Kirby.

Kirby's Canvas Curse (KCC) is a very cool game. It's just like the other Kirby games except the you don't control Kirby with the keypads, you direct them with the stylus. At first it's seems like a really annoying way the control the character, especially if you played Yoshi's Touch and Go. However, this game got it right.

Gameplay is like this. Kirby is a ball and he continuously moving. You can draw lines and he will roll on the line in the direction that you draw the line. It sounds simply but its really isn't, you have to maneuver Kirby around all kinds of obsticles, block laser beems with you lines, block those pesky cannon balls, etc. It makes it extremly entertaining. Perhaps Yoshi's Touch and Go might of been this much fun if it was longer and more inventive, however it was so short that it was really nothing more than a puzzle game masked as a platformer.

Oh course the usual Kirby abilities are in this game. It wouldn't be Kirby without the cool ass power-ups. The Boss Levels aren't like the other Kirby games where you just tediously battle it out with them. They take the form of mini-games (A NDS specialty).

There are three bosses that I'm aware of. The first is that annoying Cloud guy that shoots lightning. He's a little more tame in this game, however the mini game is the fun part. It's a Kirby version of Breakout. instead of a paddle on the bottom, you draw you paddle to direct Kirby. The object of the minigame is to clear each board of the enemies by directing Kirby into them.

The second is a race against the King Penguin guy, I can't remember his name. You steer kirby by dragging his cart with the stylus and if you steer him into food, his gets a boost. I don't really care for this one.

The third boss is the Painter guy. What you have to do is recreate the drawings he does before kirby walks from the left side of the screen to the left.

In the end, I think that this game is a great adaptation of the 2d Kirby series to the NDS.

Eric Moritz

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