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  1. is now more Djangolicious

    Now Running on Django

    Thanks to this post, I was able to get Django running on Site5

    Just two days

    Thanks to's blog application I was able to port my wordpress content to django and create some templates in just two days. How do you like the ...

    Eric Moritz
    : django / news / site5
    1. Example Django Ajax app

      I created an example django ajax application in the svn repos. If anyone is interested, the README.html should help you get that up and running.

      Still on the agenda is template tags to ease the use of django ajax for those Javascript impaired

      Eric Moritz
      1. Experimenting

        I ran across Smisk two days ago and though. "Hmm, someone should write a wsgi adaptor for that".

        Maybe an hour after I had that thought, I started working on one. It was pretty easy. Smisk's classes seem to be inspired by WSGI, all the wsgi environment variables had ...

        Eric Moritz
        : django / programming / python / smisk
          1. feedclowd now in beta

            I just released my project as a public beta, feedclowd It's a life aggregator were you can take all your feeds from all your social sites and combine them into one simple feed.

            Eric Moritz
            : django
            1. Finally a decent Nintendo DS game

              Well I traded in Batman Begins because I beat it and there wasn't much more to do with it. I looked around the Gamestop and I didn't really see any XBox games that really interested me. I want to tryout Paper Mario for the Gamecube but it was ...

              Eric Moritz
              1. Find the number of days until next day of week

                I've had to figure this out before and I forgot it. Here it is preserved

                 def daysuntilnextdow(start, next):
                     """Determine how many days until the next Day of week
                     start: The day of the week to start from
                     next: The day of the week to go to
                     returns a ...
                Eric Moritz
                : date / python
                1. First Day at Naples Daily News

                  I had to return to Naples Daily News for a meeting with the Corporate folks. I woke up in the morning to find that my wife didn't pack my Khakis. So I was a little annoyed because I would be under dressed. My wife drove me to the NDN ...

                  Eric Moritz
                    1. Fun with APIs

                      So, you're looking for a job you say... Need to brush up on your knowledge set... I've got the tool for you!


                      import urllib
                      import re
                      import sys
                      import cgi
                      API_KEY="USE YOUR OWN"
                      def get_result(query):
                          url = "\"%s\"&l ...
                      Eric Moritz
                      : fun / python
                      1. Google Apps Engine, wait what?!?

                        So I saw a post to this last night and I thought, "Oh it's like Amazon's EC2 I won't ever need that".

                        Much to my surprise this morning, it's something I could really need. It's a sandboxed distributed web framework. No need for load balancing ...

                        Eric Moritz
                        : django / python
                        1. Google Apps Engine without Django colored glasses

                          So after a day of mulling over GAE, I've come up with one conclusion. For one-off apps, this is brilliant. What Ruby and Rails did in it's heyday, this is going to do. No need to figure out how to set up a web server or configure a ...

                          Eric Moritz
                          : appengine / django / gae / python
                          1. GPG Public Key

                            A added my GPG Public Key to the bottom of this page if anyone wants to send encrypted/signed messages to me.

                            Eric Moritz
                            1. Greetings from Naples,Fl

                              My wife and I are now in Naples, Fl. We are staying in a very nice hotel. It's a Comfort Inn, but like everything I've seen of Naples, it's very beautiful. It's the nicest Comfort Inn I've ever stayed in. I took a few photos ...

                              Eric Moritz
                              1. Hey! You got some emo in my hair-band.

                                I saw this band on MTV the other day, Coheed and Cambria. I'm really digging their sound. It's like Rush if they decided to dive into 80's hair metal. Many describe them as Emo Progressive rock. The lead singer looks/sounds like the illegitimate son of the ...

                                Eric Moritz
                                1. Hong Kong's Symphony of Light (with video)

                                  Honk Kong lights up the skyline every night with this spectacular show of syncronized lasers, leds and fireworks. Makes Epcot look lame. read more | digg story

                                  Eric Moritz
                                  1. How Beryl/XGL and Deskbar simplified my life

                                    |Screenshot of my simple gnome| Screenshot of my current desktop

                                    Yesterday I was playing with Gnome's basic layout and I decided because Deskbar was so good at locating what I wanted that it was quicker to use Deskbar than the standard Gnome application list. I decided to take things ...

                                    Eric Moritz
                                    1. I have bronchitis

                                      Last night the wife and I had to go to the hospital because we both got sick. We went to Memorial Pembroke(don't go there) and sat for four hours. We ended up leaving and going to Memorial West(go there). We were admitted immediatly.

                                      At about 6am the ...

                                      Eric Moritz
                                      1. I'm moving to Naples, Fl...

                                        I am sooo moving to Naples, it's so beautiful there. No really, I'm moving to Naples August 13th.

                                        I was in Naples this weekend interviewing for Naples Daily News. For anyone that knows the history of Django, the code was developed at World Online. The man that was ...

                                        Eric Moritz
                                        1. iphone-3g

                                          What can I say about the iphone 3g that hasn't been said. All I can say is I want one and I want to develop on it.

                                          The one thing that sold me was the true GPS support. This thing is going to herald in the geotagging revolution that ...

                                          Eric Moritz
                                          : gps / iphone

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