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  1. 10+2*5 bash script

    I've been meaning to post this script for a while. It's a little bash script that I wrote to switch xmms playlists using Merlin Mann's 10+2*5 procrastination hack. It's could well be the greatest bit of code I've ever written.

    I've been ...

    Eric Moritz
    1. A cool google map/wiki mash up

      I found this the other day, it's pretty cool. You can create a personal map by clicking on the map and type in a description. read more | digg story

      Eric Moritz
        1. Announcing django-viewtools

          Hi, I'm announcing a project I have called django-viewtools

          django-viewtools provides a management command to help in debugging and profiling views


          django-viewtools provides a number of management commands for debugging views.

          There are a number of flags that can be used when calling the view

          -d, --debug: This ...
          Eric Moritz
          : debugging / django / python
          1. appengine vs twitter

            So Glenn Franxman was opining this afternoon about how twitter is going to reach a point where they're going to grow to big and need to make money somehow. He said that they're either going to have to throw ads everywhere or hope to be aquired.

            He thinks ...

            Eric Moritz
            : django / gae / google / twitter
            1. appengine vs twitter part 2

              I've created a project in launchpad for Meow. You can now submit bug reports and feature requests into launchpad.

              If your a Django or Appengine hacker and want to help me out, simply branch the Meow code with bazaar and you can "bzr send" me patches. I'll be ...

              Eric Moritz
              : appengine / django
              1. Back to Corporate

                To Celebrate my re-enter into Corporate life, I added a link category called "Corporate Fun". This is my request, comment to this posting with all your favorite Corp links, jokes, or what have you.

                Eric Moritz
                1. Batman Begins The Video Game

                  We saw Batman Begins in the theaters the day it came out and we both thought it was the best batman movie ever. I don't know if my wife thinks the movie was good because of the quality of the fact that her boyfriend Christian Bale was batman. My ...

                  Eric Moritz
                  1. Been busy

                    Phew,... I've been busy, I've finally gotten a breather to update my blog. Two weeks ago we launched``_. It is the first Ellington/Django site launched outside of World Online. We're very proud of it.

                    Something else to be proud of, my ...

                    Eric Moritz
                    1. Books every self-taught computer scientist should read

                      There are three books that I believe that every self-taught computer scientist should read. These are books that I often recommend to smart junior developers that learned their knowledge by doing instead of schooling. These are books that will close the gap for people that fall into the category of ...

                      Eric Moritz
                      : programming / computer science / self-taught / learning / books
                      1. Budgeting

                        When I was younger budgeting was easier. The reason it was easier because I didn't use a bank account and I would simply put money in designated envelopes. Life was simple.

                        Now that I'm a responsible adult, I have a bank account and I rarely have cash in ...

                        Eric Moritz
                        1. woot woot!

                          So the past three days have been a blur. I got into work on Wednesday with forty-eight hours of work and twenty-four hours to do it. I was not letting the new site launch without the social app I've been writting for the past week or two. After staying ...

                          Eric Moritz
                          1. Deep Impact

                            This is amazing, Nasa is smashing one of their space craft into the comet Tempel 1 in hopes to see what is inside it.

                            I heard this on NPR this afternoon. They were interviewing a reporter from Sky and Telescope. Apparently if you live west of the Mississippi River you ...

                            Eric Moritz
                            1. Django Ajax and Dojo?

                              The other day in the #django channel I was msg'd by Alex, a developer for the Dojo Javascript toolkit. (Have anyone noticed that javascript toolkits are popping up like crazy?). Well, Alex asked my, "Why are you using prototype.js for Django Ajax". I told him that I used ...

                              Eric Moritz
                              1. Django, Django, Django...

                                This framework is so freakin' awesome.... They just enough documentation on the site that you can actually get things running without much effort.. I have to say, this is the coolest thing to come out in a long time. You have a object-relational mapping system, obsessive SEO support, a templating ...

                                Eric Moritz
                                1. Django, Dreamhost and FCGI

                                  There have been quite a few people in #django trying to get Django to work with Dreamhost. Thanks to the work that Hugo has done and the folks in the channel hacking away at the problem, the work has been posted on the Dreamhost wiki. Maybe now I can get ...

                                  Eric Moritz
                                  1. Django, lighttpd and FCGI, take two

                                    In case no one reads comments on my site, Hugo posted a comment about his second way of getting Django to work with lighttpd and fcgi (you mean people actually read my blog?) You can find that article here.

                                    Eric Moritz
                                    1. Django RSS

                                      From what I can tell, turning on RSS is very easy. Basically you setup a urlpattern like in and then make a module that is the same name as your settings module that ends in _rss, like so ...

                                      Eric Moritz
                                      1. django_ajax update

                                        From the reaction of the folks in the django irc channel, it seems that my Django_Ajax library is a little advanced, everyone wants the power of Ajax without having to write Javascript. I made the false assumption that anyone messing with Ajax would know Javascript.

                                        After taking a look at ...

                                        Eric Moritz
                                        1. Donating Bandwidth to Neighbors

                                          My neighbors across the street don't have Internet access so I volunteered my WPA password to them so that they can use my Internet. Today I decided to install a custom WRT54G firmware called CoovaAP to turn my router into an open hotspot like you would see in hotels ...

                                          Eric Moritz
                                          : hotspot / linux / networking / news

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